The Paper Robot

August 14, 2014 / no comments

Welcome to the new and improved……..”Cocky Culture”….er…..I mean “The Paper Robot!”


Thaaaaaaaaaaat’s right.  I’ve changed the name to The Paper Robot.

But why?

Well, when I first started Cocky Culture it was actually called a different name, Plastic Riot, but in an attempt to capitalize on the increasingly popular, yet unbelievably toolish, all-over print graphic shirt craze of the late 2000s I changed the name to something more “edgy” which in reality was just something more “hey look at me I’m cool sounding.”

Ultimately the name stuck for about 4 years and I had been bouncing around the idea of changing it for a while and decided to finally pull the trigger and kill Cocky Culture in favor of something more representative of myself…..and somewhat less toolbox sounding.

So where does the name come from?

When I was a little one, my older brother and I LOVED Transformers (not the Michael Bay Transformers,  but the good ones) but our parents weren’t hug into spending on overpriced toys so we would sit down and draw, cut, and create our own little paper transformers or “Paper Robots” if you prefer.  ::Side Note:: mine were always the best.


This should be a big year for The Paper Robot, I’m finally releasing Zombie Mode, and am looking to release several “mini” games along the lines of Monkey Boots and Super Chicken Crossing along the way.  This site is going to focus on the games but I’m also going to use it to share some of my other work, art, and thoughts.


In closing, Lebron James is Overrated.